Our company is an importer of foreign meat products and cheese. From our distribution warehouse in Vodňany, we deliver goods by our own trucks or contracted carriers throughout the Czech Republic.

We have owned the IFS Logistic certificate since 2009. Thanks to our sales representatives, we try to offer our customers 100% service of quality and fresh products. We supply to independent stores, but also to retail chains.

IFS Logistic certificate


Discover a wide range of meat products and cheese

Catalogue 2024

Discover a wide range of meat products and cheese

Gourmet Gornitzki brand

It is synonymous with the word taste. The special edition of GG contains carefully selected products that will caress your taste buds.


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Novinky Jaro

Novinky Jaro

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Head Office

Gornicky, s.r.o., Harantova 1359,
397 01 Písek – CZ
IČ: 26069733, DIČ: CZ26069733
tel.: +420 382 224 122,
fax: +420 382 224 245

Import department

for communication in Hungarian, Spanish
+420 739 685 295,

for communication in English
+420 720 955 572,

Gornicky, s.r.o.
Harantova 1359,
397 01 Písek – CZ